Nova ALIM fuel tank trailer cisterna za goriva i maziva

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Marka ALIM
Model fuel tank trailer
Tip cisterna za goriva i maziva
Godina proizvodnje 06/2019
Prva registracija 2018
Zapremina 42 m³
Kapacitet podizanja 42000 kg
Neto težina 9000 kg
Ukupna težina 51000 kg
Lokacija Turska Konya
Datum objavljivanja 13 мај 2020
Autoline ID KM16135
Ukupne dimenzije 13 m × 2.5 m × 3.9 m
Šasija čelični
Rezervni točak
Kutija za alate
Nosač rezervnog točka
Cisterna poluprikolica
Elektronski brojač
Pištolj za punila
Broj punila 6
Broj odjeljaka 6
Zapremina pregrada rezervoara 7000 l, 7000 l, 7000 l, 7000 l, 7000 l, 7000 l
Debljina bočnih strana rezervoara 4 mm
Debljina krajnjih zidova 4 mm
Debljina pregrada 4 mm
Marka BPW
Broj osovina 3
Ogibljenje gibanj/pneumatski
Upravljačka osovina
Dupli točkovi
Veličina gume 385/60 R /22,5
Preostali deo gazećeg sloja na pneumaticima 100 %
Kočnica doboš
Dodatna oprema
Centralna podmazivanja
Brojač kilometara
Stanje novi
Dodatne informacije: Engleski
Tanker Trailer Technical Details
Volume: 25.000 ~ 50.000 Lt

Number of Sections: 1 to 7

Elliptic sectional design.
For front and rear each, 1 external camber, in accordance with the number of sections at EN 13094 design standard internal camber / groyne,
In tanker production sector, in the elliptic body structure laterally jointless, monolithic sheets and at weld joints of these, unique body structure produced via longest weld seam technology, having least number of joints (T), safe, smooth straight surfaced,

The slope in chassis design ensures complete discharging by not leaving any liquid in any section of tank ,

Filling from bottom on the right side by driving direction via couplings or filling from top with filling hole on manhole lids

Import patent discharging pipes weld-connected to the elbows

Chassis: Strengthened “I” section centre members are welded automatically by submerged welding machine. They are welded between 120/14 mm bottom or top steel plate and 5 mm hub plate.

Axles: Turkish Brand, BPW or SAF 3 x 9,12,14,16 Ton axles brake drum or disc

There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms


Suspensions ; It is supplied with Turkish brand of 6 pcs of air cushion with Z leaf spring or mechanical leaf spring suspension with 12 mm x12 pcs of layer with 100 mm width

Brake System ; Wabco brand ABS or EBS braking system will be used.

Brake Chambers ; 1 Axles with T 30/30 emergency brake chamber,2 axles with T 30 service brake chambers

Electrical system ; 2×7 pin sockets – 24V, lights accord to standard in SAE rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted at the rear

2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)

2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)

1 license lamp (white)

Tires; 385/65 R22,5 or 12 R22,5 or 13 R22,5 or 315/80 R22,5 Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental

Rims; 11.75 R22.5 Jantsa-Jantas Brand

King Pin ; Jost or equivelent Turkish brand OMS DIN 74080 standards 2’’ or 3,5’’ king pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type. With E certificate.

Landing Gear ; Jost or equivelent Turkish brand front Jack feet are telescopic,parallel working,double speed jointed with wide shoes static 50 tons, dynamic 25 tons capacity

Painting ; Before the painting, all surface is sand blasted

After sand blasting small parts are cleaned carefully

Epoxy gray is used for first protecting.

3 Times of high quality paints are applied on trailer

Thickness of painting checked by electronic devices

The color of trailer is selected by our customer according to RAL codes

Standard Accossories

– Multi-piece plastic fenders that covers trailing axle tires
– 1 plate unloading valve box
– 1 plate tool box
– 1 non-slip floor walking platform
– 1 ladder (climbed from behind)
– 2 PVC pipes to carry unloading hoses
– Control Panel(Mob, air clock, access ramp lever)
– Plastic water tank
– Roller or basket stare tire conveyor
– Aluminum bike impact absorber
– Mounting and mounting space
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